A Bit Past It…

The 30 year old boiler in our 4 bed Gatehouse has finally packed in. I can’t blame it, after all it soldiered on since 1983 when it was installed. As ever, we kept on putting off replacing it due to the cost involved. The other week, though, it finally curled up its toes and its light went out for good.

Cue a frantic panic as I had to think quickly – we’d deliberately planned to use the Gatehouse for students when we are to be full a couple of times in March. It never is as easy as simply replacing like for like as certain redecorating would be needs.

In the end, I decided to bite the bullet and go for a new boiler, even though we are in the leaner finances of Winter, along with a refurb of the bedrooms, decoration, new carpets etc. An ambitious project, but aimed at helping us make the Gatehouse a more popular place to sleep.

Well, when I say I decided … I mean I threw myself on the mercy of my better half Carmel to get it ship shape before a March 7th deadline. Wonders have been done so far, and the work in progress is going to make all the difference.

I offered my own design expertise and wisdom, which was promptly ignored to be substituted by some very good thinking to develop a plan which would enable us to give the Gatehouse some TLC whilst not costing a fortune (and, frankly, burying the additional yet minimal cost in the chunk that was the boiler replacement.

The old boiler was ready to go – if rust were a work of art, then we’d be rich. It was ‘Hobson’s choice’ for me to get it replaced, but the decision to get the rest done has been well-taken and actioned.

Curtains and lights have arrived, walls and ceilings are painted, carpets go in Thursday. A particularly nice job done on the bathroom blind I must say – intended to divert attention from the fact we will remodel the bathroom at a later date.

We will put up pictures of the end result when it is finally done, of course, but we hope that the tremendous efforts, aided by bits and pieces done by other staff without too much complaining, will be appreciated by those who benefit from the upgraded bedrooms in the Gatehouse.