New Brochure released!

Sally’s created another stunning cover for us: Latest  courses (Oct 2019 to Mar 2020) are now all listed online and Brochure available for order, download and viewable online. Physical copies of the brochure started dropping on doormats on 15th July. We hope you like it!

Pottery and Zen at Higham – a reflection by Student Claire Brooks

Pottery and Zen at Higham by Claire Brooks The new Raku Pottery Workshop at Higham was a hot hit in February, as students Raku-fired by hand the pots they had made and glazed under tutor Chris Barnes. The 4.5 day course started with an introduction to Raku, exploring its philosophical roots in Zen Buddhism and 

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An example of a Goldwork project completed!

One of Jane Matthews’ students (name witheld to avoid embarrassment) shared this picture of a Goldwork piece she has finally finished. It is a splendid piece of embroidery and looks wonderful mounted in a frame. Often, the projects inspired by a course continue long after the course has finished. Many Students continue the activities back 

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New Brochure of Courses for Summer

People have now started receiving their new printed brochures. Over 190 new Higham courses up till the end of September are now all visible on our website. The new brochure is viewable in all its glory and you can download your very own pdf copy, by visiting We hope you find something to enjoy!

What goes on on a typical art Course with Robert?

Artists will love to see Robert’s report on his recent course – examples of what work was produced, what they did etc. Gives a good idea of the standard of impressive work students can produce! Wow! Thank you to Robert for all his hard work – this is certainly one tutor who throws himself 

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Tutor Mark Bassey has a song written about him!

Mark Bassey, our wonderful Jazz Composition Tutor was honoured by his class when a song was composed for him. Now, the lyric won’t likely trouble Cole Porter, but it demonstrates ingenuity and reflection of the reality: WE FRIENDS CAME FROM BRIGHTON OUR JAZZ SKILLS TO TIGHTEN LEARNING, PLAYING WITH NEW MATES THANK YOU MARK VON 

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Art Instruction Book by Viv Philpot

One of our Tutors has written her own book to accompany some of her courses. Viv Philpot has produced a very nice colour publication, Sketching Your Holiday Memories, fully illustrated, taking would-be improving artists through the essentials in a very easy to digest and useful way. Not available commercially, Viv’s book supports the skills and 

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