Admin Job update

We have had over 90 applications for the admin post which closed on 11th Nov. Naturally we want to make sure we find the right person and are fair to all candidates who have been so good as to make an application.

We expect shortlisting to be completed by next weekend, after which we shall contact by email everyone who has applied to update them.

One thing this has shown is that there are a lot of people in this area who have solid skills and want part time work. We have shown many people around and it has been a pleasure meeting so many interesting and thoughtful individuals.

The abundance of applications means we will have to disappoint 90 or so people who have considered us as an employer. Many of those people are very worthy and have both experience and skills which would suit the position.

On a positive note, there is a wealth of ‘talent’ locally that is employable and many of the small businesses like us simply need to get the word out if they are looking for someone. For the record, our main successful recruitment campaigns have been through the Cockermouth Post, the Binsey Link and word of mouth. We left a good three or four weeks for recruitment. Having met some of the applicants on the informal show rounds, I can categorically say there are some very capable, pleasant people around!

We wish all the applicants the best of luck and assure them all that we appreciate the time and effort they have put in to apply.