Where is the year going to? Dare to blink and another month goes past. At Higham, we are already planning for next year and beyond, trying to arrange courses that satisfy those who come regularly, and also which may appeal to people discovering us for the first time.

Because we are primarily a residential college, we attract Tutors from all over the country.  Some would not be delivering anywhere near this area if we didn’t lure them. When selecting Tutors, we are picky, as teaching adults effectively is a challenge and not for everybody.

Our Tutors are experienced professionals, and, indeed, some are retired professionals, who share our vision of lifelong learning as being an asset to life at whatever age.

Our Students are just ordinary people who understand why we do what we do and who seek to develop their skills and knowledge for pleasure, in the main. What a fantastic thing.

Higham is unique, unlike most people’s idea of a college. We are a place where people come to be with like-minded others. As we plan for the next year, we are always mindful of why we exist and we strive to continue to be that place that people want to come to and, in the end, to return to, whether they stay or just come as a day student.