At Higham, our curriculum is developed to satisfy people, not politicians, but there are deeper reasons as well:

TWENTIETH CENTURY FRENCH THINKERS – We can be more sure of our own convictions if we consider the reasoning others have done beforehand, and our Gallic cousins seem to have had more of an influence than we realise!

SKETCHING LAKELAND BOATS & STEAMERS – Sketching is an essential artist’s skill and being able to base it on interesting shapes with contextual relevance, is both a challenge and a joy.

NEEDLEFELTED ANIMALS OR JEWELLERY – Enhancing natural materials with simple techniques can create both works of art and decorative objects, is easy enough for anyone to do, but each also reflects its creator, as all art and craft should.

TRY FOR A DAY: BUTTERFLIES & MOTHS – Not always fully appreciated for their role in our ecosystem, undeniably beautiful, taking the time to distinguish between and properly know these creatures can change the way we view nature.

ENGLISH FOOTBALL: CULTURE, CLASS &  CONFLICT – Our national game’s history reflects the things that happened both on and off the pitch, in families and society in general and can stir many memories.

THE LIFE AND ART OF ALFRED HITCHCOCK – Seeing the world through a film director’s eyes is both a distraction and an education, and Hitch’s influence is a prime example.

COLOUR – MAKING YOUR PAINTINGS SING – Knowing the secrets to getting the most out of your tools, surfaces and media can really bring greater fulfilment and pleasure.

If some of these reasons ring true, you might just understand why education is always worth standing up for.