Art Instruction Book by Viv Philpot

One of our Tutors has written her own book to accompany some of her courses. Viv Philpot has produced a very nice colour publication, Sketching Your Holiday Memories, fully illustrated, taking would-be improving artists through the essentials in a very easy to digest and useful way.

Not available commercially, Viv’s book supports the skills and knowledge she bases her courses on, including those she offers at Higham. With a teaching background, Viv is one of those Tutors who underpins what she teaches with years of experience with handling the expectations and fears of individuals. Her book, available from her when she teaches her courses, is already proving popular amongst students as it covers all the things they need to know.

Higham has bought a copy of Viv’s book for our library, but, as you can see from the images, it is beautifully laid out and does not overdo the text, meaning it can serve as a superb instruction book as you endeavour to remember the important things in your artistic journey. Those people who come on Viv’s courses will get a chance to buy the book.

This is one example of a self-published limited run book that could prove generally useful to those it is intended for, a modern paradigm contrasting with the traditional publishing experience which very often exploits authors. Viv will get more copies printed as and when she needs them. In fact, Higham has a new course coming in Winter 2017-8 on Self-Publishing with professional Paul Johnson, which might be useful for anyone considering putting pen to paper for the enjoyment of others.