Higham has been a successful totally self-supporting Educational Trust (Charity Number 1124959) since 2007, when we bought our historic building from Cumbria County Council to continue running it as an adult residential college, which Higham had been since the mid 1970s.

Our Trustees board is made up of 8 members all of whom are self-motivated, creative thinkers and, perhaps most importantly, share our passion about lifelong learning. Our Trustees typically have a professional record plus experience and knowledge in the following:

  • Lifelong education
  • Business management, hospitality and marketing
  • Art, Craft, History, Music or other subject based experience
  • Finance and Fundraising
  • Gardening, catering or building maintenance
  • Working with people with a disability

Trustees are each appointed for a six year term and collectively oversee Higham and meet each quarter to review progress, policies and finances.

Principal duties of our Trustees:

  • To ensure compliance with Charity and Company Law
  • To ensure that the charity remains solvent
  • To ensure that funds and assets are used wisely and to further the purpose of the charity
  • Obtain external professional advice where there may be a risk to the charity
  • Give sufficient time and energy to the business of the charity and exercise reasonable care and skill using personal knowledge and experience
  • To ensure that the charity is well run and efficient
  • Act with integrity and avoid personal conflicts of interest
  • Take responsibility for the appointment of new Trustees and the Principal
  • To, with the other Trustees, be ultimately responsible for the management of the college

Enquiries about becoming a Trustee are always welcome

If you or someone you know might be interested in joining our friendly and supportive Board of Trustees, please feel free to contact and discuss informally with the College Principal via the contact page.