Ceri Allen Exhibition at Castlegate Gallery

We are immensely proud when those who are Tutors at Higham have success in their own professional field. Highlighting the professional credentials of the wonderful artist and Tutor that is Ceri Allen is an honour for us, especially when we witness the incredible talent that she possesses. See for yourself on the Castlegate Gallery exhibition website:


Never one to boast or show off, (Ceri has not asked us to mention her at all!) Ceri is a rare breed of high-level, collectable, professional artist that also has the skills and patience to teach well. Her teaching is based upon sound principles, theory and a depth of knowledge that can only come from years and years of study and hard work. However, Ceri is also the genuine article and we are so proud to have her as a Tutor at humble old Higham. Those of you who have not come across her are missing out on something very special indeed. The best way we can describe it is that being able to say you were taught by Ceri Allen will be a thing to say in the future. If you need evidence of her talent, just have a look at her exhibition. You need to be of a certain calibre to even be considered by Castlegate House.

Castlegate House Gallery in Cockermouth is something special and unique –  a true, professional gallery catering for the high end market. The artists and works they have over each year is both astounding and a privilege to have so close. Do not be deceived, this gallery is the real deal, curated by its owners Christine and Steve and very highly-regarded in the professional art market. Steve told me having the physical gallery, even though it is up here, is part of their professional kudos, even though a lot of their trade is made online via collectors and many entities down in London.

We wish Ceri all the best for her exhibition and hope some of you will find the time to literally pop down the road 4 miles to Cockermouth to visit the Gallery, We think you will be impressed by what you see!