One of the joys about doing what we do at Higham is that, invariably, we become a happy part of people’s lives. In their feedback, many often use words such as “absorbing”, “exciting” and “stimulating” – and it occurs to me that these are words that were not uttered by us whilst we were at school!  Then, we were often forced to do things whether we were interested in them or not!

No, from a wider adult perspective, learning just needs to be a positive, cultural experience that touches the senses.  As we develop as individuals, we often increasingly seek out things to enhance our lives and we are all different.  We reflect this in the wide range of subjects in our curriculum at Higham.

But it is more than that: because people return once they have discovered Higham as a cultural experience, they sometimes develop the courage to even dip into things they have never tried before (or avoided like the plague!). Revisiting things they were once forced to do (and maybe didn’t even appreciate too well at the time) can be fun and, such things can, indeed, become passionate pastimes or even occupations.

If some of this makes sense to you, then go, seek out things, even if once you felt you should avoid them. It’s pretty amazing how, for instance, History, Science and Literature can, on revisiting, take on a whole new meaning in our lives. As our lives progress, we become more prone to feeding our souls with cultural experiences – and what better than never stopping learning?