Flower Festival at Higham 2nd-5th Sep 2016



Friday 2nd to Monday 5th September 2016

10am to 5pm

Refreshments Available

Proceeds to Setmurthy Church

Higham Hall & St Barnabas Setmurthy have had a long association which continues today & over these four days we celebrate in flowers all the learning opportunities that Higham provides with all the donations & proceeds going to the restoration fund & running of St Barnabas.

This has been set up today and will be stunning! Amongst the arrangers are award winners (yes, that includes Chelsea!) and a whole range of superb displays on show in our public areas.

Four days only. Admission is free although donations are more than welcome if you appreciate what you see!

Arrangements & Arrangers

  1. Entrance Gate          Alyson Hird
  2. Bicycles in the wood (bike race special)          Rick Petecki
  3. Children’s Picnic Party (drive area)          Annika & Alexander Petecki, Becka Eloise, Jessica & Edward Marrs
  1. Main Entrance & Porch (Welcome to Higham) Pat Crichton
  2. Inside the Entrance Hall          Helen Wilkinson,Renee Atkinson
  1. Drawing Room (Wonders of Watercolour) Margaret Hall, Andrea Cameron,Evelyn Chester
  1. Dining Room (restricted Access) Jean Hotton
  2. Silk arrangement in glass cabinet Jean Hotton
  3. Alcoves & hall & toilet arrangements Hylarie Sharp,Margaret Abbot
  4. Lecture Room
    (The Sound of Music, music & embroidery) Patti Dawson,Alison Lowes,Dorothy Fernandez,Anne Richardson,Pearl Wilson
  5. Bar Arrangement Diane Nicholson
  6. Window into Courtyard Julia Fisher
  7. Tea Room Jam Jars Nicola Laws
  8. Back door to Courtyard Alyson Hird