GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

Higham,  like every responsible organisation, is taking seriously its obligations concerning the new GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force 25 May 2018.

We have always respected the Data Protection of our Students, Tutors and those who make inquiries. We never share information. We also do not believe in sending anyone anything that they do not want. We, like many of you, are fed up of ‘junk’ fired at us from all angles. Sifting through irrelevant rubbish, whether it be electronically or physically, is more than a modern-day annoyance – it can affect a person’s well-being and spirit.

In the light of the new regulations, we are reviewing all our practices, including our eNewsletter. If we do continue with the eNewsletter, for instance, we may well start again and invite people to re-subscribe. However, we know you are probably being asked to do this a lot at the moment, so we shall desist until a time when we feel it will not confuse or annoy you.

Higham is also continuing, for the time being, with our Facebook and Twitter presence, as these are useful tools for Tutors and those interested in what is offered, to stay up to date.

In the meantime, information is always available on this website, including a full downloadable copy of the brochure and searchable course and talk listings. You can, of course, find anything out also by contacting the office directly, where a living, breathing human being will be more than happy to answer your query.