One of the joys of doing what we do at Higham Hall is that we meet a wide range of people, each with their own story to tell.  What unites everyone who comes to us is a like-mindedness, no matter who they are, or where they come from – a common interest in something. This natural instinct to need to be with others who share some of your values is part of life and we should celebrate it.

It doesn’t matter whether someone is or was: administrator or artist, hotelier or home-maker, referrer or retiree, social worker or scientist (we meet them all!) – coming together to share time with those with similar interests can be fantastic. Led by someone who really knows how to teach, instruct, guide, enlighten or inspire, then that really is something special.

The essence of this is applicable to life in general, not just in a setting such as Higham.  Think about it: much of our lives is structured because of what we ‘have’ to do, and social and intellectual challenges can come from those, whether they be school, work, family etc. As we learn, we seek breadth and depth in our lives, and can gain structure from things we ‘want’ to do. This is an empowering thing.

Pursuing an interest in common with others can be a motivator, a refresher and a catalyst for other things. Being better informed, steered by an authority in a field is even better. That’s what places like Higham can do…