Hoskins the Minibus Returns with new outfit!

Hoskins the Red Peugeot Minibus Resprayed IMG_0697(1)Our trusty old workhorse which takes students and tutors to some of the wonderful locations around the area on courses has had a bit of TLC!

Our 2005 Peugeot Boxer Lightweight minibus, with under 60k on the clock still had plenty of life left in him and so, rather than waste money, we have given him a new smart set of clothes – back to his original shiny red.

As he is over ten years old, we did look around for something newer, but could not find anything on the second hand market that had done less miles and would have given us suHoskins the Red Peugeot Minibus Resprayed IMG_0700ch good value. He was initially bought with a hire purchase loan, but we paid that off a while back. He’s off soon for his annual service and MOT, and over the last few years we have given him new quality boots (tyres) and various oily bits – keeping him maintained well.

The eagle-eyed will notice that Hoskins now sports a side step all along his left side. This should help people get on and off more readily.

OHoskins the Red Peugeot Minibus Resprayed IMG_0698ne reason why we felt we could persevere with Hoskins is that he is still a low miler, but also that, being under 3.5 tonnes, he is driveable on a standard license by the majority of our tutors (with our permission, of course!). His 2.8 engine pulls well up the hills and his square sides and short wheelbase mean parking around the area is more straight forward. Whilst we would have loved a new bus, we would rather continue to put money into improving our bedrooms and decoration… so Hoskins is soldiering on for a little bit longer as there is nothing wrong with him!

We actually think Hoskins now looks rather dashing once again! We are using magnetic signs at the moment and have not yet decided whether to get him lettered-up again. We quite like his restored clean lines!

Oh… and his sliding door now glides like a kitten on an ice rink once more!

Hoskins the Red Peugeot Minibus Resprayed IMG_0699