Informally Learning

One could argue that Informal Education is all the rage these days. The ability to consider anything as a potential learning experience is a powerful notion. Unfortunately, this also means that we have seen the demise of formal arenas for developing informal learning.

But we do have some remedies, if only we would wake up to them, both as users and as co-ordinators.

  • Galleries
  • Museums
  • Exhibition spaces
  • Leisure centres

All the above in their various forms are underused in many locations, yet provide the potential for developing further learning experiences.

Adding t0 this list is easy, as we can now consider other things that are available to us:

  • Shopping centres
  • Churches
  • Civic buildings

These have come into play, perhaps because their initial use has changed, or they have diversified in what they offer.

Adding further, we have some human-led opportunities for engagement:

  • Clubs and societies
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Leisure opportunities
  • Communal open spaces
  • The Outdoors

Although much goes without saying, the sad thing is that it does. In many cases, not enough people make use of these things for cultural and leisure purposes, and yet, much effort and endeavour has gone into updating and providing them for the public.

Whilst I am looking to moving learning for older adults up the agenda for the powers that be, it must not be forgotten that it certain things need to be moved up the agenda for people themselves… and much of the above is either on people’s own doorsteps or not far away.