One of the by-products of being involved in something in life can be simply joy. It does not really matter what you do, as long as it is acceptable and gives you some kind of fulfilment. Even better when others share that experience and you know that you are not on your own.

We all need something in life that is meaningful and often it is a need for the process of doing something that is more important than a product at the end. This is one of the happy side-effects of education and learning … the actual being part of something good alongside other like-minded people.

What learning can do, apart from teaching you something new, is provide a structure for your knowledge and skills growth. Presented in the right way, this can enable you to develop as a person and even to exponentially expand your own depth of experience and grow something into a true passion. Whether you are a creator or a thinker – being involved is what helps you feel human.

We should never ignore the power of learning, what it can do for us and what it enables us to face up to. It does not have to be hijacked for the sake of qualifications, job-worthiness or even pride. Instead it can be something that can stimulate, invigorate and, simply, make us better people – at any stage of our life.