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Joseph Anthony Connor – (Digital Art)

  • One of the top 100 digital artists globally
  • Mobile digital artist from South Wales
  • A leading exponent of tablet art in the country
  • Leading a new movement of artists dedicated to painting outside on digital devices (BBC)
  • Global Top 100 Artist by the Lumen Prize
  •  Also known as ‘J.A.C.’
Joseph’s teaching is being highly lauded by Higham Students and he is rather special –  his artwork has been presented to each member at a NATO summit!  Joseph is the only artist to have a digital painting presented as a state gift to 62 world leaders. He was a global Lumen Prize top 100 artist in 2015 and achieved Top 10 status in 2017.  He has two passions: painting outside on his iPad and being the leading advocate of the practice of painting on digital devices.
We think every artist (even lapsed ones) who has a tablet should at least give a course using a tablet for art a try – you will be amazed how an artist can achieve results beyond the brush and palette knife. Blame David Bailey –

NOTE: A recent model tablet is best for this course. Joseph will do his best to help you, but the best software only tends to be designed for the latest hardware.

Joseph bases his courses on the excellent tried and tested (and cheap!) iPad software Artrage (Android & Apple): obligatory for this course which costs £6 or less. Other useful software includes: SketchClub, Concepts, and ArtSet Apps (Apple) : £6 each or less.
Because of the way tablets are set up, you will need to search for software using your own device’s App Store (apple) or Google Play (Android) .
If you are using a tablet older than 3 years old, you may find you will be limited in which software you are able to use. This is a limitation of the tablet. However, there has been plenty of half decent art software designed for most generations of tablet, and a little time spent searching on your respective device will help you find something you can use. Joseph is contactable via his website.
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“Wow!! I am feeling more artistic now than I ever felt possible. What an eye-opener! I will be continuing with the new skills I have learnt from Joseph.”
“I loved the course at Higham Hall – the people, the tutor, the quality of the techniques and ideas presented. Most of all, there is the excitement of all the possibilities to develop this powerful new medium.”
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