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Alex Carter (Philosophical History)

  • Based in Cambridge, Alex has some family up north, so that’s rather handy for Higham!
  • Lecturer in Ethics, Philosophy of Literature, History of Philosophy at Cambridge University’s Madingley Hall
  • Specialisms include: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Religion, Agency, Wittgenstein, Simone Weil

All Alex’s courses up here at Higham are introductory and involve practical discussion/exercises. The notion is that they look at applications of philosophical thinking in life. These can be in addition to, or as an alternative to, our formal philosophy courses with Darren Harper and could appeal to anyone simply wishing to enjoy delving into some of life’s themes.

Alex has taught many courses successfully at ICE (The Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge, aka Madingley) which always is an extremely strong endorsement for a Tutor. Madingley is a wonderful college, with Capability Brown gardens no less, but we are glad to be able to shamelessly entice some Tutors’ talents up to Hadrian’s Wall country to our little humble college.


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