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Anne Corless (Art)

  • hugely experienced and talented artist and tutor from Lancashire with a background as an artist, illustrator, designer, medical illustrator and writer
  • has been Artist for BBC Radios Lancashire and Merseyside, Nature in Art in Gloucestershire, Patchings Art Festival and Leisure Painter/ The Artist magazines
  • also an experienced cruise ship art tutor with Fred Olsen
  • has given talks for the Fine Art Trade Guild, the NEC Spring Fair International, Art and Framing Conventions and Making Pictures events.
  • was Chair of the Fine Art Committee of the Fine Art Trade Guild (UK) for 5 years

“We are all on this artistic journey together!” AC

Anne’s focus is on incorporating animals and birds in art. Her breadth of experience is there to help any art students, regardless of previous experience, wishing to render more accuracy and realism into their subjects. This is a very special opportunity.

Some info from Anne on her work

The creative process:
My reference for these artworks is my own.  Where possible, I prefer to gather visual reference from life because it enables me to sketch, make notes and colour charts, to photograph and to observe the subject, from many different angles.  Back in the studio I try to make sense of it all as I endeavour to design the artwork and plan the composition…with the addition of memory, my impressions of the subject and imagination.   Sometimes the design work comes easily and at other times I have to  wait for the inspiration to arrive!  There is no magic formula; only good visual reference, knowledge of the subject and experience of using art materials and the effects you can create!

Pictures are shown in the gallery below.

1.  ‘Eagle Wings’; acrylic painting.

In recent years I have observed eagles in the wild, such as White Tailed Eagles in the Arctic Circle.  Having painted studies from life such as this, my continually developing knowledge helps me to create dynamic artworks of birds of prey in their natural habitat.  Often the composition and design I really want to achieve is a few paintings away and these simple painting studies help me work towards more complex paintings.
2.  ‘Escaping the Storm’; oil painting.
My reference (sketches/ photos) and the idea for this painting came from horse riding in Spain….a wonderful experience up in the remote hills overlooking the ocean, where the imagination of this artist really took off!  This painting was sold at secret auction at Live.Art.Liverpool with all proceeds to The Princes’ Trust.
3.  ‘In the studio’; oil painting.
My favourite place to be, the studio at home.  This large oil painting took a few months to create whilst I waited for layers to dry.  The reference was from time spent visiting the Lancashire Constabulary Mounted Branch with the aim of creating original artwork and prints to help support their Retired Police Horses Charity.  This moment captured was just before we were galloped at!  Very exciting!4.  ‘Tonal Pony’; charcoal drawing.
Sometimes artwork can be quite simple.  In this charcoal drawing I tried to capture the essence of this chaotic, lovable and clever pony!

5. & 6. ‘Andalusian Perfection’; pencil and charcoal drawing.
With animal art I try and portray the character of the animal.  How can mark making do that?  It is something we will explore in the art workshops and involves composition and describing the emotion and expression of the animal using a variety of expressive marks.
7.  ‘Eagle Head Study’; watercolour painting.
This eagle head study is one of a series of artworks that help me gain a better understanding of birds and how to portray them.
8.  ‘Elephant Head Study’; pencil and charcoal drawing.
I created this drawing from a mixture of sketches from life and photographs.  I have lived in Kenya and South Africa and was fortunate to spend time travelling around often remote areas to see African wildlife in its natural habitat.  This sketch was part of a series for an article I wrote on pencil art for Leisure Painter magazine.
9.  ‘Jack Russell Dog’; watercolour painting.
Often it is the subjects that you know best that are the easiest to paint.  This watercolour painting just flowed off the brush as I endeavoured to catch the eagerness and bright personality of our little Jack Russell rescue dog.
10.  ‘Cheetah Alert’; watercolour painting.
I created this watercolour from one of my prints (of the same cheetah), some sketches, memory and imagination and hoped for the best!  The painting was filmed in the London studio of Jacksons’ Art Supplies. https://youtu.be/5gYrjeagGOM

July 2019


July 5th at 18:30 to July 7th at 13:30
Higham Hall College, Bassenthwaite Lake
Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9SH United Kingdom

*NEW* Any Media. Enjoy creating dynamic artwork of birds and animals. Working with different media we will explore a range of visual art styles and ways of working. Suitable for all levels; all you need is a love of animal art! NEW TUTOR: Anne Corless (W. Cumbria www.highamhall.com/anne-corless) Residential: £233 Non-residential: £166

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