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Darren Harper – (Philosophy, Literature & Creative Writing)

  • adult education tutor for Cumbria in Philosophy & Literature
  • college teacher in English
  • currently reading for an MA in Philosophy
Aims to promote a deeper engagement with art, literature, philosophy and the world, using a juxtaposition of high and low culture to make classes engaging, as well as thought provoking.
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“Great, just what I wanted. Super tutor.”
“I thought this was a wonderful course! The tutor was engaging, enthusiastic and thoroughly prepared…” “… (A) Life-enhancing weekend. So good to made made to think so deeply.”
“Really enjoyed this course, got me thinking and also made me read a genre that I had not tackled before. Thankyou.”
“A very stimulating and enjoyable course. Darren is a very engaging tutor who was well organised and constantly encouraging.”
“I’ve been meaning to develop my thinking skills and this helps me do just that. Darren makes it enjoyable and extremely worthwhile. I feel like I actually know something now, thanks.”
“Very enjoyable even though some of the concepts are challenging, Darren helped us to understand them properly.”
“A super stretch for my mind! Good to discuss and know others thoughts and opinions as well.”

Upcoming Courses

June 2018


June 8th at 18:30 to June 10th at 13:30
Higham Hall College, Bassenthwaite Lake
Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9SH United Kingdom

People have always asked questions about the world and their place in it. For early societies, answers to such fundamental questions were found in religion. Ancient Greeks found religious explanations inadequate, so philosophy was born. Explore some ideas of the Pre-Socratics, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the Stoics. Darren Harper (Cumbria www.highamhall.com/darren-harper) Residential: £231 Non-residential: £164

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July 2018


July 20th at 18:30 to July 23rd at 13:30
Higham Hall College, Bassenthwaite Lake
Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9SH United Kingdom

For beginning and intermediate writers interested in flash fiction, short stories, novellas or novel. Lectures, exercises and 1:1 tutorials with writing time. Writers may opt out of scheduled lectures and exercises to continue an existing project, or attend all planned sessions for insight and inspiration. Darren Harper (Cumbria www.highamhall.com/darren-harper) Residential: £324 Non-residential: £226 Limited Spaces

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August 2018


August 31st at 18:30 to September 2nd at 13:30
Higham Hall College, Bassenthwaite Lake
Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9SH United Kingdom

During the first millennia Christianity became assimilated into Roman culture. The Greek idea of philosophy as rational examination independent of religious doctrine sat uncomfortably with the rise of Christianity. Questions about the nature of the universe and what constitutes a virtuous life were held to be answered in the scriptures and were no longer considered subjects for philosophical discussion. The philosophers in this course, including Augustine of Hippo, sought to integrate Greek philosophy into Christian religion. Darren Harper (Cumbria www.highamhall.com/darren-harper)…

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