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Gordon Parker (Novel Writing)

  • Newcastle born and a time-served marine engineer.
  • Has written several short stories broadcast on BBC radio.
  • Literary critic for both BBC Newcastle and Tyne Tees TV
  • Gordon’s published works include:
    1st novel based on local mining disaster in 1862
    2nd novel based on infamous derailing of the “Flying Scotsman” train in 1926.
    3rd novel, a satire following nationwide corruption expose in local governments.
    4th novel based on a US liberty ship sunk in the Thames Estuary during WW11. Still there today with over 2000 tons of explosives still on board.
    5th novel  A “rites of passage” saga published as an E book.
  • The Darkness of the Morning Bachman and Turner 1975 (reissued Futura 1976) ISBN 978-0859740203
  • Lightning in May Bachman and Turner 1976 (reissued Futura 1977) ISBN 978-0860075226
  • The Pool Bachman and Turner 1978 ISBN 978-0859740586
  • The Action of the Tiger Macdonald 1981 (reissued Futura 1981) ISBN 978-0708823026
  • A Waking of Rooks Kindle (Ebook) 2011 ASIN B005LDNL48

What do you do when you’ve retired following managerial positions with Rolls Royce Nuclear and a  Swedish company specialising in nuclear decommissioning projects? Well. if you have a few published novels already under your belt, you can help others with developing the skills to do the same … (writing novels, we mean, not nuclear decommissioning!).




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