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James Farrell (Calligraphy)

  • International Calligrapher based in Buckinghamshire
  • Previously studied Mechanical Engineering
  • focuses on a new modern style inspired by nature and the cosmos, based on the historical Spencerian and Round Hand scripts into an (hopefully) exciting new pointed pen “look”

    Pen skills seem to be an element in a number of our courses and so we present a tutor to develop such specific skills even further, with, as you can see, an artistic twist. A nice contrast to older and traditional styles, the graphic character of  such work can serve as both a flourish and as artwork in itself. There are relationships to be explored in this skill, we feel, not just with other Calligraphy, but with painting and drawing, bookbinding, papermaking and even embroidery and music.

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“He’s very, very good!” (student deliberately stopped the Principal to tell him)
“Such an enjoyable time, long enough to really get some progress on a new skill.”




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