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Jan Gardiner – (Lacemaking)


City and Guilds Creative Lacemaking tutor from Somerset. Many years experience in traditional, experimental and contemporary lace. Has been exhibited and taught around this country and abroad. Expert in the majority of the English bobbin laces, i.e. Honiton, Torchon, Bedfordshire and Bucks Point, as well as Bayeux and Needle laces

Jan likes to encourage lace makers to design their own work but will instruct the design process if desired. Her courses usually involve allowing students of all abilities to work on their preferred projects, which makes for exciting sessions, with plenty of inspiration passed between everybody!
Jan is an example of a Tutor we rate so highly we feel it worth dragging her up to Higham from the other end of the country so even Northerners can have a chance to benefit from her tuition. She’s the real deal and a lovely, open person as well!





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