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John Sadler – (History: Wars & Conflicts)

  • Military Historian from Newcastle.
  • Prolifically successful author of Historical non-fiction.
  • Battlefield tour guide, historical interpreter and heritage consultant with many years’ teaching experience.
  • Started his career in history and prehistory on digs in Northumberland during boyhood with the late Professor G. Jobey on a range of Iron Age sites across Northern England from east to west.


John regularly re-enacts prehistory – and pops up on TV now and then, often sporting some rather uncomfortable looking hosiery! Bronze and Iron and often brings a full handling collection for some hands-on experiences.

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“This course was excellent and Mr Sadler is a fearless storyteller who leaves you hanging on his words from session to session. I’m sorry that I haven’t tried one of his history courses previously.”
“Well, that was more enjoyable than I expected it to be because John brings it alive. He knows his stuff and transmits his enthusiasm through to the group. Thanks to all at Higham for a most delightful couple of days.”
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