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Judy Hardman – (Textiles: Natural Dyeing)

  • textiler from Derbyshire
  • has been spinning, weaving and dyeing yarns for over thirty years
  • uses wool provided by her own flock of Shetland sheep
  • co-author with Sally Pinhey of the book Natural Dyes

Too often taken for granted, dyeing for textilers such as embroiderers, knitters, spinners and weavers is both a traditional craft and immensely rewarding. Learning proper techniques is essential for authenticity, true originality and, dare we say it, safety. Why rely on artificial chemicals and shop-bought dyes when, with the right expertise, you can have full control over the colours you use, and can boast an ethical dimension as well.

Yes, to the uninitiated, such a course looks like a cross between cooking and chemistry, but the outcomes are threads that can trace their origins back to the fundamental elements and substances that the commercial world merely plunders. What’s more, the plants you use to dye with can invariably be grown yourself! Your garden can be more than just something to look at and eat!

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