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Lana Norman – (Wool Craft)

  • Peg Loom Weaving and Felting are Lana’s main themes
  • Local working farmer with Herdwick sheep, goats, free range hens etc.
  • Heavily involved with the local life of the area, exhibiting and winning numerous prizes at local shows and representing the Herdwick Sheep Breeders’ Association

Lana also happens to be one of our talented Higham gardeners – wool craft is what she practices both at Higham and in the real world. It is something that can be both artistic and fun, as well as reflecting traditional techniques in utilising wool as a yarn, and in its felted form. Lana’s courses are suitable for everybody whether they have done something like this before or not. Authentic, enjoyable and tremendously rewarding.

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“Excellent course – good fun & tutor. Food wonderful as usual.”
“Wonderful! So enjoyable will come again, thank you Lana. Great teacher, very relaxed.”
“Excellent course – well taught, clear and easy to follow.”
“Lana is an excellent tutor, she was patient, knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. She had simplified what could have been quite complicated aspects and presented everything in a very attainable way. The atmosphere in the class was most relaxed & enjoyable. Lana sorted any weaving problems out in a very practical way that you could apply to situations away from Higham.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Lana is a lovely tutor.”
“Very enjoyable and informative.”
“Lana is a wonderful tutor.”
“Lana is a great tutor, the learning was very relaxed and enjoyable.”
“Excellent course, learned a huge amount from Lana. Very good teacher with just the right amount of individual help and explanation but also time to try for ourselves.”


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