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Margaret Eggleton (Art – Cityscape & Landscape Drawing)

  • Art tutor from Surrey, born in Cheshire, teacher-trained in London
  • over 20 years experience teaching art classes and leading and tutoring painting holidays in France, Britain and Portugal
  • exhibited widely in various galleries in England and France and regularly in London.
  • has taught at the Cumberland Pencil Museum, Keswick
“I love sketching and painting and always carry a sketch book with me.” ME
The ability to draw should be an essential skill for all artists. It is amazing what can be achieved just with graphite, let alone the addition of colour to a drawing to enhance certain details. Margaret is another artist tutor we feel deserves enticing up to this part of the country so the north may benefit from her undoubted talents. The emphasis on ‘scapes’ as opposed to individual objects or subject matter (as in portraiture or botanical illustration, for example) gives a genuine opportunity for artists to expand their horizons (how’s that for both a literal and metaphorical statement?).


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