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Philip Wade (Meditation & Spiritual Growth)

Philip retired at the top of his game early to pursue a calling to enable people to find their truth.
No affiliation with any specific faith or religion, Philip’s courses are centred on the person.

Central to Philip’s life’s calling is the share the gifts he calls Spheres Of Light & Infinite Silence with the world “to create understandingto help you bring forth that which is innate within you.”

Philip left his ‘old life’ as a chartered civil engineer and very successful director of a business to focus on his spiritual path. He generously has offered his retreat courses to Higham as a philanthropic gesture, where all proceeds go to Higham (an educational charity).

Philip asks people considering this course to take the time to view this 4 minute video before registering: https://youtu.be/OUY-nPl5qlo

Philip’s very informative website about this course is here: https://gatewaylocation.org/mid-2017-to-late-2017/

We are excited about this opportunity to bring such a potentially life-affirming course to our Higham community. So many of our courses feed the mind, the body and the soul in different ways, but this one addresses the deeper aspects and offers a genuine and open opportunity to students, complementing the energies brought out by engagement in our other activities. No skills or experience are required and there are no religious affiliations nor any links to any specific spiritual traditions either.

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