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Robert Wright & Joanna Huntington – (Medieval History)

  • Robert Wright Ph.D.: History tutor and lecturer from North Yorkshire
    focus: Ancient World, the Medieval period, monasticism…
  • Joanna Huntington Ph.D.: Lecturer Universities of York, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle, and Lincoln
    focus: Middle Ages, Anglo-Norman England, medieval masculinities, saints and sanctity, monasticism, sex, Normandy, queenship, kingship…

Robert and Joanna’s combined academic expertise make for a unique and rich trove of insight into the past, allowing, even, for some contrasting interpretations. A single minibus Field Trip each time to a relevant site or two in our region enables some of the concepts covered to come to life. Robert and Joanna’s courses are suitable for anyone interested, no experience required, just come with an inquisitive, open mind about the deeper past.

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“An excellent course. A subject which could have been difficult was conducted with scholarship and entertainment. Everything was covered, leading to discussion and wanting more form this excellent lecturer. Please have him again.”
“Well presented with good visual aids. Tutor delivers it without hesitation or notes! More courses from him would be good.”


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