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Steve Wharton (Storytelling and Folk Tradition)

  • Storyteller and songwriter from the Western Lakes specialising in Cumbrian heritage, also indulges in Viking and Arthurian myth
  • Has worked for HF Holidays and National Geographic Expeditions as a storyteller
  • Has taught both in Britain and in China and Czech Republic

Steve is one of those unique individuals who can enrich life so much through his promotion of the folk-tradition. His troubadour profession opens up possibilities for the learning through the media of Storytelling and Folk music, sustaining simple traditions that can both entertain and be passed on to others. He also works with Higham supporting some of our heritage History courses, singing Cumbrian Folk Songs and Sea Shanties – so you might see and hear him around. We’ve caught sight of him on TV as well – well, you’re bound to when someone sports trousers like you can see in the picture!


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