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Tamsin Jones (Music Appreciation and Composition)

  • Tamsin Jones – B.A. and PhD in Music
  • Internationally-performed Composer
  • Concert and solo alto singer
  • Associate Teacher with Newcastle University
  • Experienced freelance teacher since 2000

Dr Tamsin Jones brings a wealth of active experience to Higham to add to our popular Musical Appreciation area of the Curriculum.

We feel having a Composer’s view on pieces of music can provide a unique opportunity to gain insight to appreciate music more deeply. Tamsin’s specialist knowledge means she can carefully select pieces that can be enjoyed and also which can educate as you widen your musical horizons.

Presenting sometimes contrasting works from the same Composer can allow a more thorough analysis of their musical techniques to take place. An ideal, gentle way to familiarise yourself with elements of musical theory and even discover some music that could become a future passion. 

Developing an understanding of how Music works from a real Composer’s point of view is a unique privilege you won’t get very often. Whether you have never really started appreciating music, or want to expand your awareness, or already play something, this could be a journey to enrich your life for the better.

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