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Tiana Marie – (Creative Watercolour Art)

  • Lakeland Painter of the Elements
  • Impressive professional artist of elemental power based in Kendal
  • Qualified teacher in adult education
  • Specialises in traditional & contemporary watercolour techniques and mixed-media
  • Fascinated by light, landscape and imagination

‘To date I have created, produced and taught over 40 Educational Workshops and Art Programmes UK-wide for institutions, charities and universities and colleges. My courses aim to inspire and ignite individual creativity.” T.M.

Tiana has prepared an excellent 2 minute video introduction to her art courses based on John Ruskin:


Connect with Tiana:


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‘There is a wonderful creative atmosphere which Tiana creates on her courses for us to work in.’‘I have gained confidence to create new paintings from my imagination.’‘Tiana inspires me to do things I did not know I could do in my art work.’‘I really enjoyed Tiana’s course, her teaching was very creative and instructive. The surroundings were beautiful, which was felt in the classroom as well.’‘I found new ways to make art in a very relaxed space. The time went too fast, I would have loved another week.’
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