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Tim Shuker – (C20th Music History & Philosophy, Russian & Soviet Culture & History)

‘All Music comes from love and is the highest form of philosophy’
Tim Shuker [aka Steven Greer] – Writer & Composer

Tim Shuker, [also professionally known as Steven Ingman Greer or Steven Greer, names under which he writes] has spent over 30 years researching and teaching 20th century classical music and its philosophy. Passionate about Romantic and Contemporary music and building bridges to expand students understanding and listening, Tim presents the featured works in their historic, political and cultural context. Specialisms include, but are not limited to:

  • Imperial Russian Music and History 1850-1917.
  • British Orchestral Music since 1945.
  • Fusion of the Contemporary & Romantic in British Classical Music since 1960.
  • Classical Music in the USA since 1890.

Lectures include focussing on specific composers or groups of composers within these specialisms, such as Rachmaninov and Borodin in Imperial Russia, Peter Maxwell Davies, Harrison Birtwistle and Robin Holloway in Britain and Philip Glass , John Adams and Leonard Bernstein in the USA.

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‘Steven [Tim] has an unrivalled passion for music, a phenomenal memory and encyclopaedic mind for all the places, dates and opus numbers, always working without notes and putting all the historical and cultural context together beautifully,’
‘Thank you Steven. Huge topic artfully squeezes into three days. Gained a lot of knowledge and leads to go away and look up so the learning will continue’
‘You’ve opened my ears to a whole new world of music which I’m going to continue exploring.’
‘Having not known much about the subject, this was extremely enlightening, interesting and very well put together. Thank you.’
‘You helped me overcome my prejudices against contemporary classical music. Thank you for opening my mind. I will now increasingly look out for new works both in concert and on record.’
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