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Tom McMullen (Native American Studies)

  • Retired Army Colonel with a 40 year interest in the American West and its wider influences
  • Active speaker on US history, having walked and studied the Little Big Horn Battlefield, wagon trails in Nebraska, Apache trails in Arizona and Texas, Indian battlefields in Montana as well as having ridden trails in Wyoming.
  • published author (‘Between the Rivers; A Cheyenne Trilogy’ Amazon Direct Publishing 2015)

Colonel (Retd) TM McMullen OBE DL was a Workington lad born and bred and spent his professional years in the Army. He also happens to be a Deputy Lieutenant of Cumbria, so comes to Higham with a wealth of knowledge and credentials. However, it is Tom’s vibrant and up to date interest in his chosen subject which provides us with a unique opportunity to bring a topic that is both familiar (in terms of how we perhaps ‘know’ the American West through films and stories) and fascinating (in that there are differing interpretations of events). We feel that, apart from providing a tremendous insight into the likes of General Custer, Sitting Bull and life at the time,  Tom’s lectures can help inform our assessment of how we approach things in today’s world by taking account of the past, and how we interpret it. Never is History just black and white…

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