A recent phone call from someone’s erstwhile other half gave a little smile and suggested a good plot for a sitcom. The conversation went something like this:

“Good afternoon, Higham Hall.”
“Oh, hello. Strange request but I’m looking for my wife, I’m hpping she might be there.”
At this point, it was clear certain discretion might be called for.
“Right, can I ask what your wife’s surname is so I can see if she’s on our list?”
The gentleman gave his wife’s surname and the list was checked – we told him we were expecting her.
“Shall we ask her to ring you when she arrives?”
“She’ll not be pleased. We’ve just been away and I took the wrong suitcase out of the car by mistake so she’ll only have my clothes and things. I’m in the doghouse. I just wanted to find out if she was there by now or might be coming back.”
Guess which lady walked in the door just at that moment…
The phone was put down discretely, without giving the game away.
We did find some ‘things’ for her to borrow, and fellow students helped out for the two night course duration. What she said about her husband when she opened her case is best left to the imagination.
After his wife had checked in, a secret return phone call was made to the husband to assure him his better half was with us and he’s have a couple of days to get his story straight!

All part of the service!