Our Pond with its new fence has been found by Robert Dutton!

As you should be aware by now, we put effort and money into our grounds because they are a fantastic resources to be plundered by our courses. One of our most staunch supporters ever since he first came has been Tutor Robert Dutton. It is partly down to his generosity in donating a couple of original pictures over the years that has helped raised money for us to enhance the pond area. The results are beginning to show.

Robert’s just been here with a group and they’ve enjoyed some wonderful weather, it has to be said. They visited the gardens at the wonderful Mirehouse on a couple of days, including St Bega’s Church by Bassenthwaite Lake. They also took the chance to enjoy our own gardens, especially the pond area, where Robert executed one of his now (in)famous demos. (If you ever get a chance to witness this artist in action, do it, because he gives a lively and energetic show and the results, as you perhaps can deduce from the image, can be spectacular!

In Robert’s own words from his Facebook post:

Demonstration painting today in the beautiful gardens at Higham Hall in the Western Fells. All part of the great garden celebrations happening this week leading a ‘Gardens Impressions’ art holiday at fabulous Higham Hall. The garden pond has come on leaps and bounds we just had to paint it!