Here at Higham, we come across so many people who enjoy simply engaging in things of interest. Some involve using the hands, some more the dexterity of the mind. What unites all of them is an attraction to following an interest.

These people recognise that one of the best ways to achieve true engagement is to be led into it by someone who truly has a clue, such as a Tutor. A good one of these will be able to not only provide relevant information, but also will have the delivery and people skills to convey their knowledge and, dare we say it, their passion for their subject.

This is achieved in a human way, wherein proper understanding is gained through positive interplay between Student and Tutor. The latter gets to know the former and vice-versa, and a mutual relationship is established that enables an almost organic growth of awareness to occur.

This isn’t being melodramatic, it is, indeed, the way proper learning takes place. A successful educational interchange only works when things are right on both sides.

Put crudely, and in line with basic theory, the sender of the information needs to be tuned into the wavelength of the receiver. In turn, the receiver needs to be actively tuned into what the sender is broadcasting.

The ability to get through this is what unites our superb Tutors from all over the country who are able to establish a relationship unique with every student they meet. Not everybody can do this in life, that’s why we consider those who teach for us to be so special.