Shurely Shome Mishtake

When something is written down, often it can be erased, deleted or even tippexed out. One exception is when you have something carved in wood. In this case, we are talking about a nice light oak wooden signage with three of the bedroom names for the refurbished Bungalow Cottage, to direct people round to the old front door.

Imagine my surprise and guilt at opening this parcel, when I thought I had been very clever at finding a sign maker to make appropriate signs for the purpose. When I looked back, I realised that I had made the mistake when I was sent the proof.

Those with local knowledge or who know their ‘Wainwrights’ will spot the error on the sign. A replacement, with the 4th highest peak properly shpelt, is now in place, but I have decided to keep the wrongly-spelt version as a reminder of how careless I am prone to be if I don’t take enough care.

This folly also serves as a cautionary tale for anyone else – don’t just believe your own eyes and seek out a second pair of eyes to double-check things.

I had thought whether one of our wood carving tutors or students might want to have a go at changing the ‘h’ to a ‘k’,  but have now decided to simply keep the reminder of my misdeeds!