Tartan from Herdwick Yarn!

Two students (who came down from Skye, you know who you are – I won’t embarass you… yet! Mind you, devoted readers might put two and two together and work out exactly who you are) who attended Jan Beadle’s tabletop Loom Weaving course this week, brought with them some yarn spun from their own Herdwick sheep (presumably they’d got a sheep-sitter in whilst they were here!).

The resultant tartan fabric they created was delightful, and had, as you would expect, the characteristic ‘Herdiness” about it. The colour tones as well were very pleasing and the speckled nature of the wool from our native cumbrian sheep is unmistakably showing through in the picture.

Tartan, of course, is such a pleasing pattern, with a well-known heritage and Tutor Jan thought it might make a good title for a course. It did, indeed, and the course was full with 8 people. We intend to run it again next year, but not before Jan has been twice more to share her inspirational skills with different weaving themes.

It seems that our two ‘tartan’ students who we have emabrrassed above worked very hard to produce the amount of fabric they ended up with – perhaps they didn’t even stop for tea! Mind you, asĀ  student XXX said when I was taking the picture, the long johns would need that amount of fabric… I’m not sure whether some extra lining might be in order for those! (scratch scratch)