Let’s get serious for a moment. By the time you read this, our country will have voted on whether to stay in the EU or not.

Whichever way you might feel about this monumental choice, it is a positive thing that we in this country have the freedom to discuss, debate and decide on major decisions. It is important, though, that we do not ignore our own capacity to influence the status quo at any stage of our lives. Equally, it is important that we nurture our own individual capabilities to understand why things are as they are and the potential we have to use our freedom constructively.

All of us have the chance to embed within ourselves the awareness that we CAN make a difference and we DO have the power to make this world a better place. Free thought and enlightened decision-making is possible as long as we maintain and feed our abilities to exploit them.

…That’s learning – pure and simple – in any form. Whether it be incidental or deliberate, casual or formal, as human adults, we are able to engage ourselves and develop our thinking, knowledge and practical skills so we can help make this world a better place. Lifelong Learning can give us the inspiration to be better people and, when the time comes, can help us make an informed and balanced choice.