It is a huge shame that many people’s perception of learning can often not be as positive as it should be. Arguably this is because our formal education system has, in recent decades, become synonymous with tick boxes, paperwork and having to quantify everything in grades and scores. Certain elements, crucial in the mechanism of learning, have been seemingly hijacked to use as tools for measurement and comparison.

Luckily, an informal education system thrives at places like Higham and less is more. Essentials such as ‘goals’ and ‘milestones’ are what they should be: private to each individual leading to a sense of personal achievement. We don’t fill out forms, we just make memories and enjoy the social advantages of getting together with like-minded people.

Even as adults, we need to feel we can achieve things and part of the motivation is the ability to surpass our own limitations. These achievements are private and personal, but give students the impetus to continue on their own learning journey, without tick boxes.

Higham courses, whether single days or over several days, are just open-ended experiences that people enjoy and often return to because they want to.  We keep things simple, because, in our mind, that is how education really should be.