As we were involved recently in having the Higham website redesigned, trying to make what we ended up with better than before and frankly, making sure we got our money’s worth, it occurred to me that the ‘Web’ – general parlance these days for all things Internet – is an accurate moniker for it, in the way that it is there to trap.

I don’t mean this in a negative way, but thinking about why anyone has a website, there is an element of trying to be attractive, trying to draw people in and having them affected by what they find. That is where the metaphor must end, but it does seem that today’s web is there to achieve all these things, and performs this function well.

Of course, for ourselves at Higham, the web not only entices our prospective students, but it serves to inform those coming of details. Sometimes people loose information they’ve had already, so they need to remind themselves of what on earth they booked to come on – this applies sometimes to Tutors as well!

Ultimately, though, we want whatever ends up being on a website to be of genuine use and not wasted. We want to be economical with words, but useful and easy to find – we wish it not to be too tangled a web. That is why we change things every so often, to, hopefully, make things even better. At the same time, in common with all of those who share this publication, we want to find new people to share the joy of what we offer.