As many will perhaps agree, finding the right people to serve and help your business is so important.

Trust and understanding are ever so important – not just on our part, that someone can do the right job for us, but trust from their side that we will appreciate their work and, of course, pay them on time.

One of our providers recently asked for payment earlier than usual because they were awaiting so much payment through other work (not for us) that relied upon insurance companies (something that will ring true for many around here). We were happy to oblige. Frankly, cashflow was a temporary and exceptional problem for them at this time, so they were grateful of a little job that would help keep the wolf from the door.

We know they may well show someone else a similar kindness one day. We know of several instances locally where individuals or small businesses have helped others, especially recently. We simply followed their lead. Mind you, they didn’t then write about it. But this story is more about highlighting the real need of some businesses, not boasting on our part. We all have some things in common – sympathy and empathy and the ability, occasionally, to choose to demonstrate it.

Oh, and by the way, that is not a green light for all our suppliers to call in our debts early… we might be a little short this month after paying an unexpected bill early!