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David Baker – (Space Science)

  • lifelong scientist from East Sussex, now author of hugely successful Haynes Manuals on Space
  • professional background is as a scientist and space systems engineer (sequentially!) with the US space programme and was with NASA for 30 years from the Apollo programme through to the Shuttle
  • also involved with some exotic aerospace projects along the way worldwide
  • PhD was in Earth and Planetary Studies majoring on the Moon
  • has been widely published (90+ books to date) and become a historian covering the development of the modern world from 1815 through industry, conflict and geopolitics of the late 20th century.
  • has also nurtured a working study of the development of humans including the neolithic period and the period of stone circles and the megalithic sites throughout the British Isles
  • currently editor of a space science magazine

The opportunity to get up close to and tap the unique knowledge of a true lifelong professional like David is one of the unique opportunities that only a place like Higham can offer. For anyone interested in the earth and its physical place in the universe, this is marvellous!

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“This was a very interesting and informative course, almost in tutorial conditions. As a layperson, I learned lots, but never felt out of my depth.”
“An outstanding speaker.”
“Excellent; I thoroughly recommend David who has a deep knowledge and a wonderful delivery style.”
“Well-researched by the speaker; high depth of knowledge under questioning; also covered the ‘human’ side of what was ‘scientific and engineering excellence’.”
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