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Helen Hanson (Landscape in Ink & Coloured Pencil)

  • Yorkshire-born, Lancashire-bred so says she can pass as a northerner despite living in the far south!
  • taught languages for about 17 years before becoming an artist and printmaker, maintaining a teacher’s approach to planning, presentation and encouragement
  • prefers coloured pencil and also working in ink in a creative way
  • interestingly, advocates an approach as printmaker rather than painter, using line + soft colour in a way that is reminiscent of etching and aquatint to teach landscape as subject matter with appropriate plants in context.
An effective ‘bridge’ between various discrete art disciplines. We think the way that larger scenes can be brought to life employing some of the influences from both printmaking and botanical illustration, can satisfy the desires of both creative and scientific appetites. Helen has a unique approach that has evolved from her teaching and professional work that brings this realm of art further into the 21st century.

Upcoming Courses

February 2018


February 19th at 18:30 to February 22nd at 13:30
Higham Hall College, Bassenthwaite Lake
Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9SH United Kingdom

*NEW* A new approach to landscape combining the impact of ink with the softness and subtlety of coloured pencil. You will practise techniques for working in ink and mark making, as well as coloured pencil methods including blending, embossing and lifting out. The two media will then be integrated to build up a harmonious image. The end of winter is the perfect time, when the stark outlines of branches and twigs contrast with the soft blur of new foliage. Say…

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