Part of our ‘Staying on the Level’ projects our aim is to make another entrance/exit to the hall via the courtyard making the toilets and other facilities easier to access for those who are in the studio.

Our Disabled WC has been completed!

We had two main intentions:

  1. refurbish the Accessible WC so that is appeared as nice as the other WCs will be;
  2. use period styling and quality fittings to provide a facility that suits the historic building properly.

The results, we hope you can see, are aesthetically pleasing and fulfil what we set out to do.

We have been meticulous in our attention to detail. Minton tiles in  burgundy and cream, decorative dado level border, non slip oak wood effect flooring, chrome piping, accessories to match.

The porcelain fittings are of the highest standard and heritage period style and we have attempted to make the WC a pleasant place to do business, so to speak.

We have attempted to adhere to DocM specifications and guidelines (those set the specs for what is needed so a facility may be used effectively by a person in a wheelchair), with the correct height of toilet pan, sink and with easily operable lever taps and flush handle.

As for looks, even the grab rails and towel dispenser are chrome so as to keep the effect. Hopefully you can see some thought and effort have gone into this.

This is a sign of things to come, as the other WCs (Ladies and Gents) will eventually be refurbished to match this high decorative standard.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice we have reverted back to paper towels (in a chrome dispenser – and note the chrome bin, also!). This has been because we have found the electric dryers to be too noisy and not quite right for us.

Several skilled people have been involved in this project, and all along the way, we have consulted and considered what the best way forward would be, taking into account all potential users of this facility. We hope you enjoy the results.

ACCESSIBILITY | New developments to improve access


I am thrilled to say we have finally managed to get Planning permission for significant improvements to our accessibility on the premises.

In a nutshell, we intend to work in phases towards the following:

  1. Carry out the current Disabled Loo re-tiling, re-flooring and fitting (in period style), which we have already begun as part of the refurbishment of the main loos. One main intention is for us to make the Disabled Loo just as nice aesthetically as the other loos (once we have finished them!)
  2. Build a new (accessible) Studio Loo. (This will then provide another facility for when the main works are progressing, as well as .)
  3. Create new Doorway to the Studio, eliminating the current step.
  4. Convert the current Studio Doorway to a window. We will use a temporary ramp from the lower to the upper level.
  5. Main Works – Involving the refurbishment of the current Ladies and Gents Loos (in period style), enabling the creation of a new (aesthetically matching) entrance to the Courtyard. (This will enable access directly from the Dining Room Corridor through to the Courtyard, Studio Cedar and Harness Rooms, and, indeed the Bar, avoiding the seven steps in the Corridor outside the Lecture Room.)
  6. Harness Room – Create a French Window to the Courtyard, giving more light and making it feel part of the Courtyard.
  7. Kitchen Door – Create a new door on the outside of the building for deliveries, avoiding the need to disrupt the Courtyard.

It will all take time, but the first major hurdle of planning has been jumped!