Becoming a Friend supports others to benefit from Higham.

Annual £10 Subscriptions exclusively fund Bursaries – single Awards for those in limited circumstances to complement Assisted Places.

For one-off donations to Higham in general there is a separate DONATIONS PAGE.
Friends subs are due by 31st March each year and may be paid in four ways:
  • in person
  • by Cheque – payable to: Higham Hall College Ltd
  • by Standing Order – Account: 01257293; Sort Code: 40 18 03
  • Use the TotalGiving [Donate] button on this page

Gift Aid

Gift Aiding will boost your Donation by 25%.
Download a Declaration Form to complete and send in:

Friends of Higham is an essential member of Higham Hall College (an Educational Trust, UK Charity Number 1124959).

We are grateful for your support of Higham’s mission to help others benefit from Lifelong Learning.
To keep costs low, we now leave it up to individual members to pay Subs. No reminders are sent. If you pay, then as much of your money as possible goes into the fund. Even better if it is Gift Aided. Standing Orders mean you can forget about having to remember.
Each Friend of Higham has a Student Number and is kept on our system and, every 6 months, will receive a copy of our Brochure in which there will be a Friends’ Update.

Latest Friends’ Update

We have now sent a one-time mailing to all existing Members informing them of the new arrangements and inviting them to re-join.

Thank you to those members who have rejoined and to those who have signed new Gift Aid forms. Thank you, also, to those of you who have set up new Standing Orders to automatically pay your £10 subs each year – this makes things simpler overall.

As you are aware, we are trying to minimise bureaucracy and paperwork so that all benefit goes towards keeping the Bursary Fund. So we do not send reminders or acknowledgements as such for normal donations. A record is kept, of course, of all membership on our database, so we can update you if you ask, about your subscription and, if you do require it, let you have a receipt.

A Friends’ Update will appear in each Brochure.

George Cooke – Principal
10th December 2019

Friends of Higham Online Payment