A Collaborative Piece of Art

On Frances Winder‘s recent MEADOWS painting course, the Students all collaborated on a single piece of work. This was achieved through combining a set of individual panels which, taking a leaf out of the patchwork handbook, were put together to make up a larger work.

Each panel was worked on by three individuals – I think I was told – including underpainting and detail, each person using techniques that Frances was presenting on the course. The result was a large letterbox shaped piece about 4 metres in width.

The composite picture made up of panels worked on collaboratively by all 12 Students on the course.

This proved to be an interesting and different exercise for the course attendees, many of whom, as you can see, are quite accomplished in their painting skills. A variation of materials and influences crept in, including inks, acrylics and pastel, all unified under the common theme of meadows.

It is nice to record the now-dismantled work here as an example of how lifeliong learning can provide innovative opportunities to develop. Well done to all concerned, as, in real life, the results were something quite remarkable.