New French Window!

Voila! Le new window est installed dans le Harness Room!

Now it is in, you can see one of the challenges we have in that the Courtyard itself is always sloping in one direction or other. This made it tricky for us to make a fully accessible step-free route through the French Window. Hence we have kept the existing doorway (not visible in the photo but to the right) as well, which still allows for wheelchair access into the Harness Room.

We hope that opening the noveau french windows will open things out a bit in the Harness Room, which works well for us as a little studio or room for small courses, also helping it to feel a proper part of the Courtyard.

The new windows also let a bit more daylight into the Harness Room. When they are open, maybe we could even imagine drinks and canapes being served from behind a table to a gathering in the Courtyard… Or is that just me?