Room 15 – Now It’s Your Turn!

One of our largest ensuite bedrooms in the Hall is having some TLC. Room 15 boasts two wonderful gothic arched windows facing the front. Unfortunately, it also has boasted leaks from both the roof through the window surrounds and the ceiling (due to condensation in the attic).

These issues having been addressed, our professional decorator Mark and his team are preparing the room for repainting. We have chosen heritage colours in a high quality paint (much like we used for Rooms 4 and 5 recently), and hope the difference will be noticeable when it is done.

In the images, you can see what we have to contend with – and no amount of paint can mask moisture ingress when it happens. What does notice, however, is where decoration has not been carried out properly. Examples are where walls have not been prepared adequately and, as you can see, where knots in wooden window frames in the ensuite stud wall (only put in a decade ago) have not been treated before being painted.

We are growing to hate anything shoddy in Higham, and are seeking to rectify things in a manner that not only will help the preservation of our premises, but will reflect the true quality and heritage of the 1828 building.

This is one reason why we are keeping this blog – to show those interested how we have been bothered to try to do things right this time. It will all be worth it in the long run.