Easter Lambs and Louise to the Rescue

A welcome distraction from an evening session led by our Principal was provided on Easter Sunday of all days when he was upstaged by the birth of a lamb.

In fact, the timely presence of Gardens Tutor Louise Staddart saved the day for a lamb struggling to be born in the farmer’s field to the front of Higham. Herdwick mummy sheep was having trouble getting her rather large lamb to join the world, so Louise literally stepped in to sort her out.

Minutes later, the course Students, rather than sit enthralled by a presentation on the History of Higham and its grounds, were all witnessing Louise swinging the little lamb by its hind legs using centrifugal force to clear its wind pipe. It was “all very Countryfile”, as one lady put it. But, especially on Easter Sunday, it was such a joy to see.

Minutes later, mummy Herdy was tending to her newborn on her own in the field and we were heralding the heroic action of Louise. As a reward, Louise still got to hear the Principal’s lecture! (No, she was not getting out of it that easily!).